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Distant Shadow (single) - MP3 & WAV

Distant Shadow (single) - MP3 & WAV


Download Jupiter Hollow's latest single "Distant Shadow" 24-bit WAV directly from the mastering studio, along with the HQ Mp3 and single art.



And then I kissed you, and the colours melded into grace.

It’s funny how it falls into place, or so I’m told.


Lying while I tear away the heart and bow

Cold as I heave an axe and blow

shallow cuts into the well beneath our home

The clouds congest above


And then it hit you, and the picture

revealed itself in time.

I miss you, I surely do, but there’s something funny,

and persistent about your little guise


Pulled into a distant shadow

Shrouded in disgrace

Up too late and digging burrows, till all that’s left is rage


I'm twisted and unimpressed, if you lie beneath me


Pulled into a distant shadow

Pain and fear in my place


Burned into a distant shadow

Slaughtered in disgrace

Up too late and digging too deep inside

‘Till all that’s left is my pain


Ritual disorderly thoughts, crawling right back into my view

The clouds will clear if I just eliminate you


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