We are Jupiter Hollow. Some people considered us to be progressive metal, some people consider us to be progressive rock, and some people just... like what they hear. We don't believe in genre. Genre is an excuse to pigeonhole your sound. For us, we prefer to keep our options open.


Although when you hear Jupiter Hollow, you may feel an overwhelming sense of space, arrangement and instrumentation. But, behind the music is just 2 humans: Kenny Parry and Grant MacKenzie. These 2 specimens met on Earth in the year of 2015 at a musical gathering, where the universe inevitably conceived Jupiter Hollow. Since then, Jupiter Hollow has expressed Pt. 1/2 of a conceptual endeavor called AHDOMN. This story is to be continued... soon. You can experience the current tale here.


As for what Jupiter Hollow sounds like, that's for you to determine. We don't care what we sound like, since we don't have control over our destiny. Our path is written, but we must walk it. Therefore, the music has already been created in the future, and we are messengers of the present.


We are from Earth, from your future. Moving forward through time is to move forward through space. We are evolutionary descendants of our past. We evolve from our actions. Death is a construct made by unconscious conclusions. This is why Jupiter Hollow's music resonates on a meaning beyond comprehension. Jupiter Hollow is here to share the missing link of your human existence.

"When a prog duo emerges with as much talent as Jupiter Hollow you are entitled to feel excited about the future…A band this brimming with ideas will at some point in their careers deliver a masterpiece. This is an incredible start.” 

– Maximum Volume Music