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Get Jupiter Hollow's new Album

'Bereavement' for Free

If You Enjoyed Our "ROCK AINT DEAD" Live Videos Then You're Going To LOVE the Bereavement Experience!

We Broke A Few Rules By Creating A Unique "Album Experience" For You...

The Music Industry Thinks We're Crazy For Making This, But You Be The Judge.

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It's our mission to bring rock music back to the top like it was in the 70's. We aim to achieve this independently as we continue to grow our army of supporters. Together, we can remind the world that rock isn't going anywhere.


Don't just hear our music, experience the music in a completely new way. Not only do you get the 9 songs from our new album Bereavement in the highest quality, you also get all the lyrics, behind the scenes studio footage, conceptual breakdowns of each song, studio playthrough videos, and LIVE performances of 6 of the 9 songs!


We’re giving you complete access to our virtual album experience to remind you that music is supposed to be a creative experience... not a product made in a lab by a team of producers. We're just 2 guys making music in a basement. The album experience contains our entire new album, exclusive front row seat to live performances, unreleased interviews, studio clips, and more!

What others are saying about

the Bereavement experience

Jupiter Hollow - Bereavement - blur.png

"Jupiter Hollow Just Produced The Best

Prog Metal Album Of All Time This Year."

- Prog Archives

Bereavement Background Blur.png

Top #9 Unsigned Prog Band of 2020

- PROG Magazine Readers Poll, Issue 116

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"Phenomenal. Fearless. Technically brilliant, but never in a way that took away from the songs. Their latest record is called Bereavement and it's their best record yet, trust me"

- Gregory, Canada

"The Jupiter Hollow experience is one that will take you on a grand adventure, exploring the outer reaches of the cosmos, and the inner depths of the human psyche. It's 2 immensely talented individuals combining their creativity to form a soundscape as vast and diverse as space itself. As a creative person, I usually turn to Jupiter Hollow for creative inspiration."

- B. Ray, USA

"The Jupiter Hollow experience has brought a lot of excitement to my life actually. Not a lot of local bands make concept albums or put so much thought into the final product of their albums... I really appreciate how hard Jupiter Hollow works."

- Dan, Canada

"Jupiter Hollow is easily one of the hottest live and recorded bands on the scene today. Their second album Bereavement is a stellar sophomore release. These guys are saying what everyone is thinking - that rock & roll is not dead. What Rush was to my generation I see Jupiter Hollow being to their generation, and those words do not come lightly from me."

- King Rhino, USA

"Jupiter Hollow is easily one of my favorite bands. I just get chills thinking about Bereavement to be honest with you. That's a terrific album. All of their albums are great, but Bereavement - they really hit it out of the park with that one"

- Brennon, Canada

"Jupiter Hollow in a few words about how they've affected my life... oh my god where do I start... the theatrics that they bring to the crowd and the jaw dropping musical prowess is second to none."

- Rick, Canada

Get our new album 100% FREE in a completely unique online experience we developed that NO OTHER band is doing called

"The Bereavement Experience". 

Jupiter Hollow - Bereavement

what is the

Bereavement Experience ?

Bereavement Background Blur.png

A lot of bands make an album, upload it on Spotify, and go their merry way.


There’s no real dialogue around the meaning behind the lyrics, or the sharing of personal stories that inspired the tracks.

But music is about connection.

That is why we have made the release of our latest album Bereavement more than just run-of-the-mill release. 

We’re tearing down all the traditional walls that exist between artist and listeners, and instead coming together at a unique virtual experience we call "The Bereavement Experience".

Jupiter Hollow Bereavement

In This Free Album Experience,

You Get Instant Access To...

  • Digital downloads to the entire new album Bereavement so that you can listen to our latest music in the highest of quality!

  • Unreleased video interviews with members Grant MacKenzie and Kenny Parry so that you can understand the concept behind the album, and the writing process behind each song.

  • Live concert experience! We rented a cabin in the woods, hired some great musicians to play some of our parts, hired a film crew, and performed each song in 1 shot to make your live watching experience as authentic to a real performance as we possibly could.​

  • Official drum & guitar playthrough videos. The drums were recorded live in 1 take... no quantizing... and you get to experience that all here live off the floor.​

  • The lyrics for each song which are only available through this experience so that you can get a better understanding of our story.

Get our new album 100% FREE in a completely unique online experience we developed that NO OTHER band is doing called

"The Bereavement Experience". 

Why we created

the Bereavement experience

Blur Space Background.jpg

Humans don't have imaginations...


At least, that's what it feels like society is trying to teach us, right?


​But no one wakes up hoping to have another run of the mill, boring, grey filtered, monotonous day…


At the core of EVERY person is a desire to be creative. The days we feel vibrant, excited, and unstoppable – those are the days that make life worth living. And for me, trying new things and pushing the creative boundaries has led to the best experiences of my life.


So, I’d like to invite you to try something new. And use a bit of imagination in the process.


We have recorded 9 original songs inspired by the art of storytelling – and now we want to share them with you for FREE as part of an interactive, online experience to welcome you to our UNUSUAL universe. 🌌🌌🌌


​We’re going to be sharing with you our music, stories, bonus content about the background and history of the lyrics, and special behind the scenes looks into the making of Bereavement, our latest full length album.


​Maybe this will lead you to exploring a deeper creativity within yourself.


Follow the fingers and click the green button to launch the Bereavement experience‼️ See you soon!



Grant MacKenzie

Guitarist & Bassist of Jupiter Hollow


Get our new album 100% FREE in a completely unique online experience we developed that NO OTHER band is doing called

"The Bereavement Experience". 

What to expect from

the Bereavement experience

Jupiter Hollow - Bereavement - blur.png

"Been loving the new album Bereavement, there's some great f***ing tracks on there... love this album. Nothing but great things to come for you guys - you got such a vision for progressive metal and you're pioneers in your field"

- Alan, Ireland

"Jupiter Hollow has impacted me as a musician. Made me want to become better... there's a connection that's made between artist and listener that I've never seen in any other band or group. Especially with them being independent, it just makes it so much more valuable."

- Cody, Canada

"All Jupiter Hollow songs take me on a journey. I love the way they fall lyrics together; different sings featuring different lyrics from the titles of other songs. It's just beautiful. You guys f***ing rock and I love being apart of your journey"

- Travis, Australia

"As a fellow musician and huge fan of progressive rock, I was completely blown away when I first heard Jupiter Hollow. great riffs, killer drums, vocals, lyrics. The real fun is when you dive into the lyrics and the music and find complex yet simple concepts and motifs."

- Christopher, USA

"I could go on for hours about how Jupiter Hollow has impacted my life, but I think the biggest and most important way was how it serves as a key catalyst for my growth as a musician. I remember when the Odyssey EP came out and I was just blown away by it."

- Dillon, Canada

"They [Jupiter Hollow] came out with their new album Bereavement which I enjoyed very much, especially the song The Rosedale - that one really stood out to me... at that time in my life where everything was kinda hopeless, sad, and we didn't know when the world was going to get back to normal, it [Bereavement] brought a lot of hope and something to look forward to in the future"

- Austin, USA

"I remember the 70's to mid 2000's when you could listen to the radio and hear amazing new artists, you could hear great music that didn't all sounds the same... nowadays it's a little harder. Nowadays you have to seek it out yourself. What Jupiter Hollow did for me was it allowed me to find a fantastic band that I had never heard before that is both familiar, original, and exciting, and I appreciate that."

- Keith, USA

"I enjoy everything you guys do from the new album [Bereavement], to the live streams, and I can't wait to see more. Keep jamming out and all the best for you guys. Thank you for everything"

- Mike, USA

it's time for you

to begin your Experience

Get our new album 100% FREE in a completely unique online experience we developed that NO OTHER band is doing called

"The Bereavement Experience". 

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