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Get Jupiter Hollow's Debut Record Free

If you enjoyed our 3 Libras acoustic cover, then you're going to LOVE our originals!

We broke a few rules by creating a unique "album experience" for you... the industry thinks we're crazy for this, but you be the judge.

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3 Libras is cool...But

We're so stoked that you and a ton of other people are loving our 3 Libras acoustic cover. The song is SO cool... BUT, we're not A Perfect Circle. We're Jupiter Hollow, and we have so much to offer you as a band. If you liked that cover then you're in for a treat.


Don't just hear our music, experience the music in a completely new way. Not only do you get the 6 songs from our debut record in the highest quality, you also get all the lyrics, behind the scenes studio footage, conceptual breakdowns of each song, basement writing sessions, and direct communication with us.


ROCK MUSIC IS COMING BACK stronger then ever and we want you to be apart of the movement. We’re taking you and thousands of other like-minded people behind the scenes in a virtual album experience to remind you that.

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Bereavement Prog Review.jpg

Top #9 Unsigned Prog Band of 2020

- PROG Magazine Readers Poll, Issue 116

Prog Magazine Jupiter Hollow

"If Jupiter Hollow are emblematic of the next generation of progressive metal bands, a bright tomorrow lies ahead. Hugely impressive."

- PROG Magazine, UK



If you’re NEW to us, please read 💯% of this entire post. 🙏🏻


Consider this your “onboarding” lol. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


HUMANS don't have imaginations. At least... that's what it feels like society is trying to teach us, right?


​But no one wakes up hoping to have another run of the mill, boring, grey filtered, monotonous day…


At the core of EVERY person is a desire to be creative. The days we feel vibrant, excited, and unstoppable – those are the days that make life worth living. And for me, trying new things and pushing the creative boundaries has led to the best experiences of my life.


So, I’d like to invite you to try something new. And use a bit of imagination in the process.


We have recorded 6 original songs inspired by the art of storytelling – and now we want to share them with you for FREE as part of an interactive, online experience to welcome you to our UNUSUAL universe. 🌌🌌🌌


​We’re going to be sharing with you our music, stories, bonus content about the background and history of the lyrics, and special behind the scenes looks into the making of AHDOMN, our debut full length album.


​Maybe this will lead you to exploring a deeper creativity within yourself.


Or maybe you’ll have just discovered your next favorite band.... [😆]


​But either way it sounds like a win-win. 🤘🏻🔥


Follow the fingers and click the blue button to launch the AHDOMN experience‼️ See you soon!



Grant MacKenzie

Guitarist & Bassist of Jupiter Hollow


Get our debut record 100% FREE in a completely unique online experience we developed that NO OTHER band is doing called

"The AHDOMN Experience". 

What You Get

A lot of bands make an album, upload it on Spotify, and go their merry way.


There’s no real dialogue around the meaning behind the lyrics, or the sharing of personal stories that inspired the tracks.

But music is about connection.

That is why we have made the release of our debut album AHDOMN more than just run-of-the-mill release. 

We’re tearing down all the traditional walls that exist between artist and listeners, and instead coming together at a unique virtual experience we call

"The AHDOMN Experience".

AHDOMN Experience.png

In short, The AHDOMN Experience is a 100% unique virtual experience we (Jupiter Hollow) built to release our debut record AHDOMN to the world so that our fans can try something new.

This experience will grant you exclusive access to all 6 songs on our debut album, as well as take you way behind the scenes into how it was created, what it means to us, and so much more!

In this FREE DIGITAL EXPERIENCE, you will also get access to:

  • Unreleased video interviews with members Grant MacKenzie and Kenny Parry so that you can understand the concept behind the record, and the writing process behind each song

  • In studio access so that you can see the making of our record

  • Behind the scenes footage to our video shoots so that you can see how our content is made

  • Digital downloads to the entire debut record AHDOMN so that you can listen to our music in the highest of quality

  • The lyrics for each song which are only available through this experience so that you can get a better understanding of our story

*** FREE BONUS ***

When you join The AHDOMN Experience today, you instantly get a 100% discount for our 1 of 100 limited edition signed Odyssey EP! We want to over-deliver on your first experience with Jupiter Hollow, and what better way to kick off the experience than with a gift for your CD collection!

Signed Odyssey CD

"I really enjoyed the Experience. I think it was a great way to introduce yourselves and the music to folks that weren’t familiar with you. The behind the scenes, studio snips and everything really made me feel like I got to know you. Looking forward for my CD's to arrive so I can check out Odyssey and AHDOMN at full volume!"

- Keith (fan), USA

Get our debut record 100% FREE in a completely unique online experience we developed that NO OTHER band is doing called

"The AHDOMN Experience". 

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