"If Jupiter Hollow are emblematic of the next generation of progressive metal bands, a bright tomorrow lies ahead. Hugely impressive."

- DW, Prog Magazine

"Jupiter Hollow's songs and performances on their upcoming record AHDOMN are BEASTS! It's a true masterpiece. These 2 guys are taking the Prog world by storm."

​- Jamie King, Producer (The Contortionist, Between the Buried & Me, etc.)

“Jupiter Hollow warps the landscape of progressive rock for 2016. With youth on their side, Grant and Kenny venture into unknown musical realms and take the listener on the journey of a lifetime! Executed with precision, they prove rock is alive and has a place in our future, present and past. Perhaps it was always with us. Simply put Jupiter Hollow makes the world a better place.”

– Pat Gillett, Down With Webster/Honors (Guitar/Vocals)

“Jupiter Hollow are starting curves in the rock space that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Dynamic, progressive compositions; with vocals that pull and soar; giving me satisfaction that is hard to come by in this space.”

– Arthur Kalimidis, Landmark Showcase Festival (Founder)

“If TOOL and RUSH had a baby, its name would be Jupiter Hollow!!” – Yul Vazquez, Hollywood Actor

“Grant MacKenzie and his band Jupiter Hollow are a hard playing impressive band that has emerged out of the Ontario music scene in the last year. I was very pleased when I could include Grant in my Ernie Ball Brotherhood of the Guitar program, and know they are now on the path to much wider discovery of their music. Grant is extremely driven and that is what it takes to make it these days!”

– Robert M. Knight, Legendary Rock Photographer

“Jupiter Hollow is one definite up and coming band!  Their music is not only progressive but well executed and some great vibes!  The vocals are strong and rich.  It has been a pleasure to have them on my playlist at http://www.rock-fm.ca and the positive response from listeners only proves there’s a great future ahead of them!  I look forward to more of their tracks in the future.”

– Bernadette Barter, Rock-FM.ca (Radio Host)

“Jupiter Hollow consists of only two guys; there’s a Grant, and there’s a Kenny. They put all of the music together themselves, and it’s pretty spectacular if you ask me!” – Noah Campbell, Rock 95.7FM (Radio Host)

“I’ve had a real pleasure of working with Jupiter Hollow on their upcoming EP titled ODYSSEY. Watching these two guys so young creating music at such a high level of passion, professionalism and talent blows me away. These guys are so unique, and truly are the real deal. I have no doubt the world will know of them very soon!”

– Taylor Abram, James Barker Band (Guitarist/Backup Vocals)

"I really enjoyed the Odyssey Experience. I think it was a great way to introduce yourselves and the music to folks that weren’t familiar with you. The behind the scenes, studio snips and everything really made me feel like I got to know you. Looking forward for my CD's to arrive so I can check out Odyssey and AHDOMN at full volume!" 

- Keith Schultz, Fan

“Without a doubt, Jupiter Hollow are elite musicians. Grant and Kenny know exactly how to captivate an audience with their music. This theory is proven through the artistic journey that is their record, Odyssey. Their music is tasteful. This is one of the few records that I have been able to sit down and listen to the entire record without skipping a single track. You might think progressive music isn’t for everyone but Jupiter Hollow, makes listening to a genre of music that can be classified as challenging to listen to, rather easy. Every song on Odyssey is an emotional journey, musically and lyrically. Let the music take you by the hand and embrace the emotion in its purest form. Listen to Jupiter Hollow. Now. There’s a reason why they’re being noticed. It’s because they love what they do and they’re good at it!”

– Alex CrazyAce, Host/Executive Producer of ‘The Rush’ on VIBE105 FM Interview can be heard here.

“Jupiter Hollow have given the world five songs of progressive brilliance. For such a young duo hailing from Barrie, Ontario they pack a serious punch. They are great musicians and have crafted an amazing voice which touches on a range of progressive cliches but with a twist of more ambient music. Their music shows maturity beyond their age…” – The Independent Voice

“When I read the description for Jupiter Hollow, I will admit I was somewhat skeptical and intrigued at the same time…I honestly wasn’t sure how a Prog duo, whose sound has been compared to bands such as Pink Floyd, Tool, A Perfect Circle, and RUSH, could pull that off with only two members…..I was completely blown away by the talent of these two young men, 21 and 18 respectively. Odyssey is strong both musically and lyrically which is a testament to their talent at their ages. The EP has everything a prog fan could ask for. There are time changes, tempo changes, a story-like feel, and tons of emotions.” – Shockwave Mag

“Impossibly young Canadian duo deliver quite a trip. When a prog band emerges with their debut EP and the two people in it are 18 and 21 respectively, you are more than entitled to feel old. When a prog duo emerges with as much talent as Jupiter Hollow you are entitled to feel excited about the future…A band this brimming with ideas will at some point in their careers deliver a masterpiece. This is an incredible start.”  – Maximum Volume Music

“I’m very impressed by this EP on any level. Sounding, to my mind, like a cross between Rush, Zombi, and Mastodon, this is progressive metal as it should be. Grant MacKenzie and Kenny Parry, the two men that make up Jupiter Hollow, can be proud of this EP. It features strong playing, excellent song-writing, and above all, it is most uplifting, something we really need in this day and age. A band to look out for in the future.”

– Hellbound

“It goes without saying that Canada is THE hotbed for top-quality Progressive Rock / Metal, and Jupiter Hollow is the the rising star in that stratosphere…Jupiter Hollow has delivered one very complete and competent set of songs that nicely blends atmospheres and technicality.”

– Manic Mosh Mag

“New listeners can expect to go on a musical journey when hearing Jupiter Hollow.” – Barrie Advance

“Teen duo Jupiter Hollow deserve props for valuing virtuosity and going against the grain. Rock on!” – Power of Pop

“This is a great first impression.” – Heavy Music HQ

“A young Canadian duo ready to bring fans of complex music a spacey, experimental and refreshing experience with their excellent debut EP, bursting with high-quality heaviness and progressiveness.” – The Headbanging Moose

“An adventurous duo that isn’t afraid to experiment with sound as well as influences, which range from Rush to A Perfect Circle to newer Leprous. ” – Lords of Metal

“Forget Tool, forget A Perfect Circle, forget The Mars Volta, here is Jupiter Hollow.” – White Room Reviews

“If you are a fan of Rush in anyway then your are definitely going to be able to relate and enjoy this album. Think of Odyssey as a 2017 version of Rush, but with heavier guitar riffs and more psychedelic attributes.”

– Kingston Music Reviews

“What these two guys accomplish both live and on this five-track album is simply mind blowing. The fact that a duo can write and perform music of this quality at their age simply says the future for Jupiter Hollow could be stellar. Imagine the combination of Rush, Tool, Yes, with a live show that captures everything you could want to experience and see in a performance…I can honestly say that only a week into 2017, I have already pegged this as one of my faves of the year. To know that Odyssey will soon be followed by the full length album, Ahdomn has me salivating for more Jupiter Hollow.” – SkullsnBones

“Odyssey is technically outstanding with great riffs and solos and some cool drum work that is already halfway to nirvana. Let me also point out Kenny Parry and his astonishing set of pipes, hitting impossible notes that will make some of the Heavy Metal blasters go red with envy. ”

– Rock Music Raider

“I went into this open minded but Jupiter Hollow truly shocked me with this EP. The guys have a refreshing sound, very different to what I usually listen to. Musically, it’s written really well and I can definitely tell that the duo are going places.” – Broken Arrow Magazine