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Label: Independent 

Digital Distribution: Tunecore

Jupiter Hollow live at the Nationa Post, Toronto, Canada.
Jupiter Hollow featured in Prog Magazine.


EP Tracklist:

1. Deep In Space (5:06)
2. Ascending (2:52)
3. Hades Heart (4:30)
4. Over 50 Years (5:05)
5. Odyssey (5:50)
EP Length: 23:26
EP Credits:

• All songs performed by: Grant MacKenzie & Kenny Parry 
• All guitar, bass and synth by: Grant MacKenzie
• All vocals, lyrics, drums and synth by: Kenny Parry
• Produced by: Grant MacKenzie and Kenny Parry
• Mixed and Mastered by: Taylor Abram, Lake Effect Studios
• CD Cover, Album Artwork: Brandon Pettitt
• Album and Live Band Line Up: Grant MacKenzie & Kenny Parry