For the first time ever, we're sharing 3 songs from our debut record with our new fans who recently discovered us on Facebook.

"I really enjoyed the Odyssey Experience. I think it was a great way to introduce yourselves and the music to folks that weren’t familiar with you. The behind the scenes, studio snips and everything really made me feel like I got to know you. Looking forward for my CD's to arrive so I can check out Odyssey and AHDOMN at full volume!" 

- Keith Schultz, Fan

what others experienced

"If Jupiter Hollow are emblematic of the next generation of prog bands, a bright tomorrow lies ahead. Hugely impressive."

- DW, Prog Magazine

"Jupiter Hollow's songs and performances on their upcoming record AHDOMN are BEASTS! It's a true masterpiece. These 2 guys are taking the Prog world by storm."

- Jamie King, Producer (The Contortionist, Between the Buried & Me, etc.)

“I went into this open minded but Jupiter Hollow truly shocked me with this EP. The guys have a refreshing sound, very different to what I usually listen to. Musically, it’s written really well and I can definitely tell that the duo are going places.” 

- Josh Emery, Broken Arrow Magazine

Why Take the Experience?

The Journey

If you're a music lover, albums have always been a journey. You may remember digesting your first progressive rock/metal album growing up - how these albums wove their way around every friendship, every breakup, every fight, every grade in school.
The Odyssey Experience enhances the journey of the classic album by taking you through the concept of the album, elevating the discussion between artist and listener.

The Quality

Are you tired of being herded around from iTunes to Spotify to Bandcamp? Do you have 8 different logins just to listen to the artists you like? Do you wish that artists would stop making  things so scrambled and just let you listen YOUR way?
The Odyssey Experience will be delivered to you day by day through direct download and free stream. Own it or stream it without logging in.

The Extras

6 songs, 12 videos, and 12 months of hard work and dedication by only 2 guys.
That's just scraping the surface of the amount of work that went into this album. We thought it would be a shame to let that all go to waste. On the Odyssey Experience, you'll have access to footage is unavailable to the general public.

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