"Looking forward for my CD's to arrive so I can check out Odyssey and AHDOMN at full volume!" - Keith Schultz, Fan


After spending 5 years as a band and releasing 2 records, we decided to give a little back to our fans by putting 5 of our favorite songs into this free CD.


The EP is titled "Odyssey" because our music is intended to take our listeners on a journey. Music to us isn't about genre, song length, song structure, etc. We have 1 goal: create something that makes us feel.

The 5 songs featured on this EP are: Deep in Space, Ascending, Hades Heart, Over 50 Years, and Odyssey. These also happen to be some of the first songs we ever wrote as a band.

The Odyssey EP retails for $10.00, but we bought it for you! We just ask that you pay your shipping/handling to receive it (just $5.95 for CAD, $8.95 for US, or $12.95 for international).

What's The Catch? Why Is This Free?

Maybe you’re thinking there is a hidden fee. There isn't.

We're doing this because as a band who's received an overwhelming amount of positive support, we wanted to do a little gesture to give back to our fans. 

Just take a look at some people who got their copies...

Fan from Switzerland

Fan from Canada

Fan from USA

Fan from Ireland

Fan from Canada

Fan from Canada

Fan from Australia

What Are People Saying About Jupiter Hollow?

"If Jupiter Hollow are emblematic of the next generation of progressive metal bands, a bright tomorrow lies ahead. Hugely impressive." - Prog Magazine

“Jupiter Hollow warps the landscape of progressive rock. With youth on their side, Grant and Kenny venture into unknown musical realms and take the listener on the journey of a lifetime! Executed with precision, they prove rock is alive and has a place in our future, present and past. Perhaps it was always with us. Simply put Jupiter Hollow makes the world a better place.” – Pat Gillett, Down With Webster/Honors

"Jupiter Hollow’s music proves that progressive metal can be the heaviest of metal but rich with sound, beautifully written songs on what feels to me a Socratic note where the songs ask questions of the listener and the listener, in turn, ask questions of the songs. This type of dialogue is essential to great music and it can be found from Mozart through Metallica. Jupiter Hollow reached me on that level."
- Canadian Beats

“It goes without saying that Canada is THE hotbed for top-quality Progressive Rock / Metal, and Jupiter Hollow is the the rising star in that stratosphere…Jupiter Hollow has delivered one very complete and competent set of songs that nicely blends atmospheres and technicality.” – Manic Mosh Mag

“I went into this open minded but Jupiter Hollow truly shocked me with this EP. The guys have a refreshing sound, very different to what I usually listen to. Musically, it’s written really well and I can definitely tell that the duo are going places.” – Broken Arrow Magazine

Hurry, We're Only Giving Away 100 Copies

Here's What To Do Next

Like we mentioned, we've already paid for 100 copies. You won’t have to pay for the CD, all we ask is that you cover the shipping charges. 

The company we use to ship/package out these CD's charges us $8.95 per individual CD shipped to the USA, and $5.95 shipped to Canada. 

But if it’s international, we have to add on $4 to the shipping cost to cover all the border issues. That’s only if you live outside of the US or Canada though.

When you order today, your CD ships out today; packaged in bubble wrap to ensure it gets to you safely.
**If you order at night, it’ll ship the next morning, we’re not vampires, we do sleep.

This isn’t a print on demand thing, we really only have 100 copies sitting in a warehouse and a fulfilment team sending daily shipments.

In fact, at the time you’re reading this, there isn’t even 100 copies any more because orders are already going out.

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